Ode to Weetabix

Ode to Weetabix

Squatting, quietly contained in the bowl
These two woven wheaty biscuits
so innocent you look
but add milk
and mix
you stir
into a paste
more potent than cement
congealing in hair, on pyjamas
Weetabix, you glue our lives together.

(c) Judith Kingston, 2013

Linking up to Prose for Thought.

Prose for Thought

Also linking up to Shoulder to Shoulder Today, hoping this will cheer Emma a little.

Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

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26 thoughts on “Ode to Weetabix

    • judithkingston says:

      I think we should try one day. Then if you get bored of the house, you can just eat it and start again somewhere else.

    • judithkingston says:

      Yup, this morning I had BOTH! Weetabix for the Toddler and rice crispies for the baby. My floor is a mess.

    • judithkingston says:

      If only I were wise enough to do this. This morning’s bowl is still sitting by the sink. Can’t face it yet.

    • judithkingston says:

      My heart sinks every time my son makes it known that this is what he’d like for breakfast… Bane of my life.

  1. themotherhoodsite says:

    I thought it was hard to clean off of a bowl, then I gave Baby T his first baby-led-weaning-style go with it, a whole new world of fun! I remembered halfway through my shower that I had forgotten to clean the highchair tray, thankfully I got back to it before the stuff had set! 🙂

    • judithkingston says:

      Were you showering the get the Weetabix off yourself? Top tip: my mum puts the whole high chair under the shower after I’ve left, apparently. 🙂

      • From said mother: …and scrubs it for at least ten minutes, with lots of detergent! (Only works for metal high chairs, though.)

      • themotherhoodsite says:

        Somehow I managed to stay Weetabix free! That is a top tip, only our highchair is wooden…

    • judithkingston says:

      I try to avoid it as well, although I have found that it doesn’t really matter what I serve for breakfast, whatever the girl is eating results in a need for a complete change of outfit.

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