A Change in Perspective

My patience is at zero today and I can’t cope with the Toddler’s exuberance (read: running around knocking things over, pulling all the books off the shelf, littering the floor with tiny sponge letters and a whole deck of cards) and seemingly boundless hunger (6am: Mummy, bread stick? 6.10: Mummy raisins? 6.20: Mummy banana? 7am: Mummy porridge? 7.15: Mummy more porridge? 8am: Mummy apple? and so on until at 10.30 he was consuming another whole bowl of Weetabix and asking for more). Even his affection was getting on my nerves, as he came and snuggled up next to me while I was trying to do work on my laptop, wanting hugs and cuddles. I may also have been on Twitter but that is entirely beside the point, of course.

Anyway, for Prose for Thought today I was planning to post an old poem that I wrote a year or so ago, but instead I found myself writing one about how frustrated I was feeling with my son. My poetry doesn’t usually rhyme, unless it is Sinterklaas, but it felt appropriate in this case.

A change in perspective

I love you, but you wind me up.
Your goals don’t mesh with mine.
When you want midnight cuddles,
I want a glass of wine.

When you want to watch a DVD
I want you to play.
And when you think you’re helping me
you’re getting in my way.

Your games involve a lot of mess
and take up all my time,
and when I want you to stay still
you want to jump and climb.

I have so little patience
and you have so much joy.
Life’s one big experiment
and everything’s a toy.

I keep telling you ‘be careful’,
‘don’t touch’ and ‘don’t go there’,
but isn’t it much better
to try things and go everywhere?

Better to get down on my knees
and see life through your eyes.
I may be a bit more sensible
but you are far more wise.

(c) Judith Kingston , 2013

As I was writing this, my son started playing and interacting with his baby sister, making her laugh, playing games with her, trying to attract her attention and amuse her. This is a new development. My poem is done and he is still playing with her.

I’m linking this with Prose for Thought.

Prose for Thought



15 thoughts on “A Change in Perspective

    • judithkingston says:

      They do make us look a bit boring by comparison. Why wouldn’t you want to make everything into a train or a hat??

    • judithkingston says:

      I know, it makes me feel so bad, when they’re so excited about life and I just want to hide on the Internet and drink cups of tea in peace.

  1. I love this and can SO relate ! It’s hard trying to balance the needs of small people with our own and it’s the one area I struggle with at the moment. I needed to read your poem and know I am not alone x

    • judithkingston says:

      Happy to oblige! πŸ™‚ It is hard to remember, as a mum, that you are allowed to have needs – and then even harder to work out how to fit them in without making your kids suffer for it. Still working that out myself.

    • judithkingston says:

      Haha yes! Maybe that is what I’ll do tomorrow: run around the house bashing into things as I see fit. Usually when I go a bit mental, my Toddler assumes the role of the adult and says: “Oh, Mummy. Numma mind. Better, Mummy?”

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